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Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Chicago, Illinois

At the Mancini Law Group P.C., our bicycle accident lawyers in Chicago know our city has a national reputation as one of the best large cities in the United States for bicycling, thanks to a committed investment in bicycling infrastructure and promoting education, awareness, and advocacy.

According to the Chicago Department of Transportation, our city currently has more than 250 miles of on-street bike lanes and additional off-street paths that include the 18.5-mile Lakefront Trail. And even with our focus on keeping bicyclists safe throughout the city, there were thousands of bicycle accidents throughout Illinois last year, which led to nearly 2,700 injuries and 12 deaths.

When bicycle accidents occur, the injured riders may require extensive medical care, rehabilitation, and therapy that will eventually allow them to get their lives back.

Others suffer permanent injuries that require an assured and ongoing strategy that will allow them to rebuild their lives in different ways, which is why we work so hard to produce results for each unique client’s needs.

Our law firm believes in Maximum Justice. Maximum Results. How can we help you?

What are the Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Chicago, Illinois?

Our Cook County bicycle accident lawyers at the Mancini Law Group P.C. dedicate our practice to injury advocacy, so our clients can pursue the maximum financial compensation they are entitled to for their injuries.

When negligence is a factor on our roadways, bicyclists can suffer catastrophic injuries caused by:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Speeding drivers
  • Impaired drivers
  • Motor vehicle drivers passing too close to a cyclist
  • Traffic congestion
  • Poor maintenance of roads and pathways that require bicyclists to travel around dangerous conditions

If you have been hit by a negligent driver while riding your bike, or have tragically lost a loved one while bicycling, contact our experienced Chicago bicycle accident lawyers today to learn more about our approach to pursuing the best legal outcome for your unique circumstances, so you can get your life back.

What are the Most Common Chicago Bicycle Accident Injuries?

Even with hundreds of miles of protected bicycle paths running through the city, it only takes one distracted driver to collide with a bicyclist to change their lives.

The clear difference in the size of a passenger vehicle and a bicycle leaves little doubt that the rider is going to be severely injured when the two collide especially if the vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed.

The most common types of injuries suffered by bicyclists during traffic collisions can include:

  • Deep cuts, bruises, and road rash
  • Fractured and broken bones
  • Dental and jaw injuries
  • Joint dislocation
  • Tendon and muscle damage
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Paralysis
  • Wrongful death

If you have been hurt in a bicycle accident, contact our experienced Chicago bicycle accident lawyers today to schedule a free consultation with your personal legal advocate at our esteemed law firm.

What Type of Financial Recovery Can a Chicago Bicycle Accident Injury Victim Pursue from the Negligent Party?

Each of our bicycle accident clients will have unique financial recovery needs based on the temporary or permanent injuries they suffered in the collision.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers will outline their recovery needs to include each financial factor that will help return our clients to the quality of life they enjoyed before the collision.

That may include:

  • Current and future medical care expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished working capacity
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

If you have been hurt in a collision with a negligent driver, contact our skilled bicycle accident attorneys in Chicago today to learn how we can help you pursue maximum justice and maximum results.

Can I Pursue the Negligent Driver Who Killed My Loved One Who Was Riding a Bike in Chicago, IL?

Our Illinois Wrongful Death Act allows our Chicago bike accident attorneys to pursue the financial recovery our clients need to move forward after losing a loved one to driver negligence.

A wrongful death claim must be filed by the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate in Illinois, which is typically a close relative who suffered financial damages because of their loved one’s untimely death.

Eligible family members who may file a wrongful death claim in Illinois include the deceased person’s:

  • Spouse
  • Parent, if the deceased was a minor
  • Adult child

If the deceased person’s life was cut short without appointing a personal representative in his or her estate plan, the court may appoint a personal representative on their behalf.

At the Mancini Law Group, P.C., our bicycle accident lawyers in Chicago will pursue fair and just compensation for each of our client’s losses resulting from the death, including damages for sorrow, grief, and mental suffering, to the surviving spouse or the dependent next of kin.

While there was exactly half the amount of bicycle accident fatalities last year (12) than those that occurred on our roadways the previous year (24), even one rider’s death is too many. If that fatality was your loved one, your need for justice is our passion for justice.

Contact Our Knowledgeable Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Chicago at the Mancini Law Group P.C. Today to Schedule a Free Consultation

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Chicago, you may have a long road to recovery ahead of you, which may require long-term medical care and extensive time away from work. If your injuries were caused by a negligent driver, you should never have to pay for those expenses out of your pocket.

At the Mancini Law Group P.C., our Chicago bicycle accident attorneys provide a committed approach to pursuing the best outcome available for each of our client’s unique needs. If you have been hurt by negligence, or have tragically lost a loved one to the reckless actions of another, contact our Chicago, Illinois law office today at 773-745-1909 or online to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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