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You have all seen the commercials peppered across your televisions, smartphones, laptops etc. Insurance companies and agents telling you how great they are and how low their car insurance premiums are. Next to Pharmaceutical companies, Insurance companies and agencies are the next most aggressive advertisers.

Loud and clear you hear “we have the lowest cost insurance auto insurance” “we can get you covered right now for $25 dollars down”, but do you really want that? Do you really want the cheapest auto insurance? Do you really want to trust something that cost you thousands of dollars to a company that promises to insure it for $25 dollars down? Lets take a closer look.

The Illinois Department of Insurance allows Standard and Non-Standard insurance companies to sell Automobile Insurance in the state. Our focus here is on the Non-Standard Insurance Companies. These Companies insure individuals who because of varying reasons, are considered high-risk drivers. Now many Standard Insurance Companies will sell to high-risk drivers. The premium will be higher, but you are assured of the protection of a Standard Insurance Company. Non-Standard Insurance Companies offer much lower rates, but the old adage, “You get what you pay for” is never more applicable than it is when you purchase auto insurance from a Non-Standard Insurance Company.

The Non-Standard Insurance Company will almost always delay addressing your claim. If you happen to be responsible for an accident, It is more likely than not that your Non Standard Insurance Company will delay or deny the other person’s car accident claim forcing you into a lawsuit. The Non Standard Insurance Company’s business model is to see if there is someone that they don’t have to pay. They are always looking at that. They are looking at their bottom line as opposed to what is in the best interest of their insured or the victim of their insured.

If you are forced into buying Non-Standard Auto Insurance, here are some recommendations:

1) Make sure you know the exact name of the company that is insuring you.

Most of the commercials that you see advertising Low Rates are Insurance Agents and not companies. They sell insurance from different Insurance Companies.

2) Before you buy Automobile Insurance, research their state complaint records and get two to three quotes.

3) Make sure you know and understand all the individual coverages and the exact dollar amount of coverages.

4) Make sure you thoroughly answer their application questions. Do not leave anything out. Non-Standard Insurance Companies will look for any excuse, no matter how trivial, to cancel your policy, and it always seems to happen when you need it most.

Like anything else. Buyer beware. Do your due diligence before purchasing car insurance.

If you or a loved one have been injured by an individual who is insured with a Non-Standard Insurance Company, do not go at it alone. Call the Mancini Law Group P.C. at 773-745-1909. We will see to it that you obtain the justice that you deserve.

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