Nursing Home Abuse

Elderly abuse in our society is simply unacceptable. Nursing home abuse and neglect is a serious issue that has gained national attention over the last several years. When you place an elderly family member into a nursing home or assisted living facility, you do so with the expectation your loved one will receive the care they deserve. Unfortunately, in some cases, patients are subjected to abuse at the hands of their caregivers. Assisted living or nursing home abuse can result in loss of dignity and trust, and possibly serious injury or wrongful death. If you suspect your loved one is suffering elder abuse in a nursing home or assisted living facility, contact the local authorities and then Mancini Law Group for a free legal consultation.

Under-reporting of elder abuse may be rampant. Only one out of every 14 cases of elder abuse are reported to authorities. Physical abuse can be much easier to notice than emotional abuse that only takes place when the patient is alone. Often, nursing home abuse is a combination of multiple forms of mistreatment. The most common abuse those in a care facility face is neglect. Nursing home neglect often results in a decline in general health and can result in death.

Eldercare abuse can present in many ways including, but not limited to:
• Physical abuse
• Emotional abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Financial abuse

Above abuse may also result in:
• Unsanitary living conditions
• Medical neglect
• Malnutrition extreme weight loss
• Bedsores
• Unanswered calls for help
• Falls that can lead to broken bones
• Personal hygiene neglect
• Social or emotional neglect
• Unexplained Injuries

A nursing home abuse lawyer with Mancini Law Group P.C., can help you hold all responsible parties fully accountable under the law. We can also help you collect the compensation necessary to cope with the devastation of abuse. Call our offices in Chicago to schedule a free legal consultation.