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What are the Most Common Truck Accident Regulation Violations in Illinois?

Posted by Anthony Mancini | Jul 29, 2021

At the Mancini Law Group, P.C., our truck accident attorneys in Chicago have successfully represented clients throughout Illinois whose lives have been adversely impacted by negligent semi-truck drivers, companies, and other third parties over the past three decades.

With more than $100 million in compensation recovered for our injured clients, our Chicago personal injury attorneys pride themselves in pursuing maximum justice with maximum results.

That means having a firm understanding of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, regulations that monitor the safety standards for all freight transit throughout the country, so we can pursue the proper liable party — or combination of parties — for each of our client's unique recovery needs.

When these standards and regulations are violated, catastrophic accidents occur on our streets and highways, and we are here to ensure our clients can pursue the financial recovery they deserve as a result.

Because your need for justice is our passion for justice.

What FMCSA Semi-Truck Regulation Violations Occur Most Often in Illinois?

Any time a truck driver, trucking company, or another third party violates FMSCA regulations, someone may get hurt.

These guidelines are put in place to help ensure public safety is a priority, especially when our Illinois drivers are traveling alongside a potentially 80,000-pound vehicle.

Here are the most common semi-truck regulation violations that occur on Illinois roadways:

  • Negligent Hiring Practices

Before a semi-truck driver can get behind the wheel, he or she must obtain and maintain a valid commercial driver's license, or CDL.

They must also be professionally trained, drug and alcohol-free, and pass the physical and mental fitness tests required by the FMSCA, to ensure there is no history of traffic violations — including speeding, reckless driving, or driving under the influence — or suffer from poor health or potentially dangerous medical conditions.

When the trucking company fails to run the proper background checks, medical assessments, or training requirements, they may be liable for the collision, injuries, or deaths that occur as a result of their negligence.

  • Hours of Service Guidelines

The FMSCA Hours of Service Regulations limit how long a semi-truck driver may operate their vehicle without taking a break.

First, semi-truck drivers cannot drive more than 60 hours in seven days and must remain off duty for a minimum of 34 hours once they reach the limit.

During their driving shifts, truck drivers must take at least a thirty-minute break for every eight hours they drive.

After 14 hours on duty, the truck driver must take a 10-hour break, outside of the mandatory breaks, which limits actual drive time to a maximum of eleven hours per day.

Drivers are required to maintain driving logs that reflect their drive time and breaks, which is typically where the regulation violations are found after an accident. These logs, especially when manually kept, can be easily manipulated by the driver, which is against the law.

  • Improper Loading and Over the Maximum Weight Limits

Semi-trucks can weigh a maximum of 80,000 pounds for interstate travel.

FMCSA regulations require all cargo to be properly loaded and secured to avoid dangerous shifts that can overturn the semi, or cause braking trouble because the load is too heavy.

Both problems can lead to severe accidents without notice.

  • Maintenance Standards

Since trucks travel thousands of miles every year, tires, brakes, lights, and other systems must be consistently maintained to ensure their safe travel.

The maintenance standards outlined by the FMCSA are designed for everyone's safety.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a truck accident in Illinois, contact our experienced Chicago personal injury attorneys at Mancini Law Group P.C by phone at 773-745-1909 or online to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case today.

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