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Mancini Law Group P.C. understands the many difficult issues faced by someone who has suffered a serious injury, illness, or loss of a loved one as a result of someone else's negligence. Mr. Mancini is personally committed to helping each client negotiate the individual challenges he or she faces during this difficult time. Mancini Law Group P.C. strives to help repair the lives of clients and help secure a brighter future for them and their families.


of experience in personal injury litigation of all types compensation claims in Chicago, IL


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Personal Injury Attorneys in Chicago, Illinois

At Mancini Law Group P.C., our personal injury lawyers in Chicago understand the challenges our clients face each day after they have been injured by the negligent actions or inaction of another.

Many of the challenges are over 2.7 million Chicago residents face begin on our roadways, where they encounter dangers in their vehicles, on foot, or riding their bicycles, which is reflected in our city, county, and state accident statistics.

Last year, there were nearly 320,000 traffic collisions throughout Illinois; almost half occurred in Cook County; and over one-third happened in Chicago. Over 20% of these accidents resulted in an injury.

If you have been injured in a car accident, your need for justice is my passion for justice.

Contact our skilled team of personal injury lawyers in Chicago today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can pursue the best outcome for your claim.

At Mancini Law Group P.C., we believe in Maximum Justice. Maximum Results.

Knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorneys in Chicago, Illinois at Mancini Law Group P.C.

Our founding attorney and law firm President, Anthony Mancini, has spent nearly three decades representing thousands of Illinois residents who needed a customized legal strategy to pursue the best outcomes for their personal injury claims.

Today, we continue our dedication to producing unique results that reflect our clients' injury needs, so they can move forward with their lives with confidence while holding the negligent party liable for more than their financial recovery, but justice.

We have built a reputation of legal excellence throughout the city, and it is our goal to improve our clients' circumstances each day to ensure we are exceeding their expectations.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers represent clients who have been injured in the following categories:

If you have been injured in a traffic collision or other circumstances in Illinois, or have tragically lost a loved one to negligence, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys in Chicago at Mancini Law Group P.C. to schedule a free, confidential consultation today.

Our skilled Chicago personal injury lawyers represent eligible clients on a contingency basis, so they never have to worry about paying any legal fees unless we win their cases.

What are the Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Chicago, Illinois?

Safety experts attribute a rise in crashes in Illinois to speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving — all preventable actions that are changing our clients' lives without notice.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 1019 fatalities reported in traffic collisions throughout Illinois last year; 314 of those lives were lost to alcohol-impaired driving; another 375 deaths were the direct result of speeding.

Negligence is causing catastrophic injuries and more than half of our state's traffic-related fatalities each year. At Mancini Law Group P.C., we work tirelessly to produce justice for our injury clients and the families of those who were lost in these tragic and preventable collisions.

How can we help you?

Are Bicycle Accident Injuries Common in Chicago, Illinois?

Last year there were 12 bicycle accident fatalities throughout Illinois, which is half of the previous two years' numbers. While the drop in fatalities can be attributed to more bike lanes and drivers who are recognizing the importance of sharing our roadways, riders are still vulnerable to severe injuries.

Last year there were nearly 2,700 bicyclists who were injured in traffic collisions, requiring extensive medical care, rehabilitation, and therapy that will eventually allow them to get their lives back. Others have suffered permanent injuries that require them to rebuild their lives in different ways, which is why we work so hard to produce results for each unique client's needs — so they can move forward with confidence.

How Many Boat Accidents Occur in Illinois Each Year?

At Mancini Law Group P.C., our Chicago boat accident attorneys understand just how refreshing a day on the water can be for our hardworking residents. Unfortunately, when negligence is a factor on our waterways — whether it is Lake Michigan, Spring Lake, Carlyle Reservoir, or Rend Lake — no one is safe.

The U.S. Coast Guard reported 75 boating accidents in Illinois last year, which directly resulted in 18 fatalities.

The most common causes of boat accidents in Illinois include impaired or inexperienced operators, overcrowded boats, speeding, colliding with an object or another boat, and the lack of life jackets and safety equipment on board.

If you have been injured in a boat accident in Illinois, whether the negligence was caused by the captain of your boat or another boater's recklessness, we want to discuss your claim during a free consultation today.

Dangerous Products Are Causing Serious Injuries Throughout Illinois

Defective and dangerous products are finding their way onto our Illinois retail shelves in increasing numbers.

Unfortunately, the implicit dangers of these products can come in many forms, including the design, manufacturing, marketing, and lack of warning labels, cautions, or information that reports any potential or latent dangers to the consumer.

If you or someone in your family has been injured by a defective product like vaping pens or sticks, household appliances, children's products, or tools, contact our experienced dangerous products attorneys in Chicago today to discuss your unique recovery needs.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Dog Bite Injuries in Chicago, Illinois?

One major factor required to apply our Illinois dog bite laws to cases is that the person who was bitten by the dog must be lawfully on the property they occupied during the attack.

Since nearly 77% of dog bites are caused by dogs owned by the victim's family, relatives, or friends, this is typically true.

Another point is that if a dog injures someone without being provoked, the dog's owner is liable in civil damages for the full amount of the injury. Often, dog bite victims worry about their personal connection with the dog's owner, and that pursuing a claim against them may jeopardize their relationship. Our dog bite attorneys in Chicago will explain your rights and options to pursue financial recovery from the dog owner's insurance coverage, so you can preserve your relationship and still get the financial compensation necessary to fully recover.

Is Medical Malpractice Common in Chicago, Illinois?

Each year, over one million people suffer injuries from medical malpractice throughout the country, and another 250,000 people lose their lives to medical errors while seeking care over the same period.

Medical malpractice can happen anywhere negligence is a factor, including doctor's offices, emergency rooms, surgery centers, and hospitals to name only a few.

At Mancini Law Group P.C., our medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago believe you should never be subjected to injuries while seeking medical care in any capacity. And if you are, we are here to help you seek justice.

Warmer Months Mean More Motorcycle Accidents on Our Chicago, Illinois Roadways

Illinois is eighth in the nation in the number of registered motorcycles, accounting for 315,000 — a decidedly high number for a state that sees long winters that leave fewer riding opportunities than the warmer climates on the list.

When warmer months arrive, motorcyclists excitedly mount their bikes, only to be confronted by negligent drivers who refuse to show riders respect and access to the road they deserve, which can lead to significant collisions that cause life-changing injuries.

Last year, there were nearly 3,000 motorcycle accidents in Illinois, which led to 2,266 injuries, and 138 fatalities. If you or someone you love had their lives changed by negligence while riding, contact our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Chicago today to discuss your case during a free consultation.

Can I Pursue a Nursing Home for Negligence or Abuse in Illinois?

Trusting your loved one's health and well-being to a third-party is one of the most difficult decisions any family can make.

When this decision leads to harm, our nursing home negligence and abuse attorneys in Illinois, take exception to anyone preying on our most vulnerable residents, and will fight for justice on their — and all nursing home residents — behalf to secure more than the financial recovery they deserve, but changes in the system, so this does not happen to another resident going forward.

Substantial Foot Traffic in Chicago Leads to Rising Pedestrian Accident & Injuries

Pedestrian accident deaths have reached a thirty-year high across the country, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, accounting for over 6,300 deaths in the U.S. last year — 173 of which occurred in Illinois.

Pedestrians account for 17% of all traffic deaths each year, equaling one person killed every 88 minutes. And for those who survive these catastrophic collisions, the road to recovery is long and difficult. We help get our clients to the finish line by pursuing the financial recovery they deserve, so they can take their lives back.

At Mancini Law Group P.C. Our Illinois Sexual Abuse Attorneys Are Advocates for Justice

Sexual abuse survivors throughout Illinois deserve to pursue justice from their abusers, so they can get their lives back.

Unfortunately for many, sexual abusers are often those who were trusted by the parents of abused children and adolescents, and even adults who are vulnerable to the unfair manipulation their offenders subject them to.

No matter the age, or the relationship between the parties, any type of non-consensual sexual activity should be fully pursued by both criminal and civil laws. In some cases, the statute of limitations may have expired for abuse survivors to pursue their case in criminal court.

However, civil litigation may be an option and will provide the survivors with the opportunity to pursue justice through financial compensation, so they can continue to get the care they need to restore the quality of life they once enjoyed.

Premises Liability and Slip & Fall Injuries in Chicago Can Occur Anywhere Negligence is a Factor

Unsafe conditions in grocery stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and on other private, public, or government property can lead to severe accidents and injuries throughout Illinois.

When they do, our slip and fall attorneys in Chicago focus on the facts of each case we represent to fully prove the property owner owed our clients a duty of care, then breached that duty in a way that led to their injuries that caused significant damages, including mounting medical bills and lost wages.

Semi-Truck and Commercial Delivery Vehicle Accidents are Rising with Online Shipping Demands

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that the internet was the safest way to shop during a global pandemic that left nearly the entire U.S. confined to their homes for some period throughout the year.

Online sales grew nearly 45% in 2020, placing more semi-trucks — and drivers who were working longer hours — and large commercial delivery vehicles on our roadways and in our neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the law of averages proved that the more trucks there are in operation, the more common truck accidents have become.

If you have been hurt or have lost a loved one in a traffic collision, contact our experienced truck accident attorneys in Chicago to discuss your case during a free consultation today.

What If I Am a Chicago Commercial Delivery Driver Who Was Injured in a Collision?

Just as there are more truck accident collisions because of the sheer volume of these large vehicles on our roadways, there are other consequences to the e-commerce growth Chicago and the rest of the U.S. have experienced.

Warehouses are working overtime to meet fulfillment needs, which can cause serious injuries as employees increase their productivity beyond their limits, and traffic collisions are also resulting in commercial delivery driver injuries.

If you have been hurt at work because of dangerous conditions or another person's negligence, contact our experienced workers' compensation attorneys in Chicago to discuss your case, so you can take the time you need away from work to heal.

Can I Pursue Financial Recovery for the Loss of a Loved One in Chicago, Illinois?

At Mancini Law Group P.C., our compassionate wrongful death attorneys in Chicago provide family members with the legal representation they need to pursue justice for the loss of their loved ones.

Spouses, parents, and adult children may be eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim against the negligent party that caused their loved one's death in Illinois.

If you have suffered such a tragic loss in a vehicle collision, due to medical malpractice, or another negligent circumstance, contact our skilled wrongful death attorneys today to learn about your eligibility to file a claim, so you can get the justice your family deserves.

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago Today to Schedule a Free Consultation

At Mancini Law Group P.C., our Chicago personal injury attorneys work as a team to provide the best outcomes available for each of our client's unique needs. If you have been hurt by negligence, or have tragically lost a loved one to the reckless actions of another, contact our Illinois law office today at 773-745-1909 or online to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

Your Legal Team

Mr. Mancini values total client satisfaction as the true measure of success, not just the size of the settlement or award that is obtained. Mr. Mancini views himself not just as his clients' attorney, but also as their counselor and personal advisor, helping them to meet the many challenges they face in the wake of an injury.





Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

You must have suffered an injury to your person or property. You should consider whether your injury was someone else's fault. It is not always necessary to have a physical injury to bring a personal injury lawsuit. We find victims injured in vehicle collisions are best served when they act immediately to get legal help. The point of filing a lawsuit is to bring some level of improvement to the injured party and their family, not merely to punish the opposing party or compensate your attorney.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

Mancini Law Group P.C. offers free consultations and you will not be charged unless we win your personal injury claim. Upon the successful resolution of your claim, a predetermined percent will be deducted from your judgment or settlement amount. This percentage covers the cost of litigation and your attorney's compensation. Contact us today for a more detailed assessment of your potential claim.

Are my medical bills paid in an injury settlement?

Yes, payment or reimbursement of medical bills will be a component of any settlement that in an injury-related insurance claim or lawsuit. The plaintiff and or claimant will be compensated for all medical treatment necessitated by the accident including reimbursement for medical bills already paid, and a plan for payment of all future necessary medical treatment. Also, when it comes to getting compensation for medical bills that have already been paid, if your provider already paid some or all of the bills that you later get compensated, your health insurance provider may have a lien on part of your settlement.

Should I get money for "pain and suffering" in my settlement?

If you were injured in an accident, and you were not at fault, you may receive some amount of money for your pain based on the impact the injury has had on your daily life. In accidents with minor, short-term injuries, it may be a small "token" amount. When injuries are more serious, painful and/or long-lasting, the settlement of the pain and suffering portion will increase.

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